Sunday, November 4, 2012

The bar is set really low...

I had posted an entry the other week asking why people would vote for Mitt Romney - not why they didn't want to re-elect President Obama, but why they considered Romney to be the better option.

Only one person responded, and his case made for Romney was basically that Romney appeared presidential in the last debate.  No actual policy specifics or comparisons.  Just a gut impression.

Then I came across this video yesterday, in which an interviewer asks supporters at a recent Romney rally in Ohio what they like about him.  No leading questions, no "gotcha" tricks.  Just an open mike and some pretty scary ignorance on display.

"Romney has a plan to fix the economy".  Except that the person has no idea what "the plan" is, so how does he even believe that there is a plan, or why he's in favor of it?

"He's a Muslim.  And an atheist."  That's an either-or proposition, lady.

Take a few minutes, watch the video, and be sobered that these people in a critical swing state are motivated voters, even though they are proving that they have no actual idea what they are voting for besides a name and the fact that the name's not "Obama".

It's also worth noting that these are the ideal target voters for politicians unable to run on substance, and that these politicians are overwhelmingly conservative.  It also explains why GOP politicians in conservative states like Texas are trying to eliminate critical thinking skills from their public school curriculum

But hey, if you feel that the people in the video are cherry-picked examples of ignorance, and that there are meaningful, fact-based reasons to support Romney as the best choice this Tuesday, please comment below and explain why.

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