Monday, April 5, 2010

Well, it's a start anyway

Happy Monday, everyone.

I post online in various places using the name DinsdaleP, which I liked because it had a nice feel to it, and was easy to recognize.

There are probably a few other DinsdaleP's floating around on blogs, wikis or message boards, so to clarify, I'm the one folks know from Conservapedia, Rationalwiki & Conservative News and Views.

I started posting on conservative sites as a counter-voice, not to be a crank, but to offer a thoughtful rebuttal to some of the more outrageous B.S. that gets posted on them as "insights". 

Sooner or later this gets me booted off because the people behind them don't want a dialogue, and they definitely don't want to justify themselves in a rational way- they want echo chambers. If you aren't telling them how right they are, you aren't welcome.

So I decided a while back that instead of expecting them to give equal time to the other side, I just needed to start posting in my own space, free from the impact of their "delete" buttons.

That was 2010, and I'm just getting back to this now. One thing I'll give these guys credit for is that they apparently  have a LOT of free time on their hands.  Me, not so much, but I'll try again.


  1. Dinsdale -

    I can empathize with your frustration about getting kicked off some online facilities. apparently has barred me; my own state's online newspaper has me blocked; and on my own town's forum, my comments quickly become deleted. My thinking is, that my conservative comments are not welcome in some of these less than conservative web venues.

    One of my specific online frustrations is, that big-time sites offer their commenting facility, but don't allow the commenter, such as I, to even substantiate his own thoughts with his own linked blogs. Websites desire the traffic and comments, but they are bigoted, oftentimes by barring the reader and commenter to actually link his own authored words which evidences his comment.

    I wish you well with your new endeavor. I have a couple of websites and have learned that they take much time, effort and patience. Don't expect immediate big traffic numbers [visitor statistics], as there are all types of competition. Follow the principle guidelines of blogging; and be persistent and pointed in your writing efforts.

    Nathan M. Bickel

  2. Thanks for the good thoughts. I have no illusions about the time this will take, since there was a 2-year gap between my last two posts :-)

    What I'm intent on doing is keeping this as open as possible, and encouraging people with different views to engage here without worrying that a delete button is looming.